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Duhao Guo

Software Engineer, Student, Creator

About Me

I'm a Master's student in Computer Engineering at Syracuse University. Passionate about building software and solving technical problems.

I'm experienced in web development in Python and Java. I worked as a Software Engineer building backend web applications, hands-on with web technologies including Django, Flask, and Spring. Apart from web development, I love working on infrastructures and DevOps.

Currently, I'm a Software Engineer Intern at Ancestry. I build internal tools for the team to test and monitor the performance of company products.



Syracuse University

Syracuse, NY, United States
August, 2019 - May, 2021

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

Beijing University of Technology

Beijing, China
September, 2015 - July, 2019

Bachelor of Engineering in Software Engineering





















Ancestry.com - Software Engineer Intern, Performance

Lehi, Utah, United States
June, 2020 - August, 2020

  • Designed and implemented an Internal Notifications Service on AWS Lambda.
  • Utilized AWS SQS to support high concurrent load and asynchronous message delivery.
  • Implemented a module to send emails through SMTP using Python, achieved 99.99% delivery rate.
  • Built infrastructure with Terraform and used Jenkins pipeline to deploy the project on AWS.

Beijing Zaoshanren Technology - Software Engineer Intern

Beijing, China
May, 2019 - July, 2019

  • Built a web crawler in Python to collect data for collage timetable APP "AUTimetable".
  • Improved the management system based on Django to help administrators to organize scheduled tasks.
  • Developed a new feature to collect and manage advertisement data.

Beijing Weifeng Technology - Software Engineer Intern

Beijing, China
December, 2016 - Feburary, 2018

  • Developed RESTful API of an online restaurant queuing APP based on Laravel.
  • Collaborated with frontend engineer to develop a music course registration website with Laravel, HTML and jQuery.
  • Operated Linux servers and designed a workflow based on Jenkins to achieve auto deployment .


Big Dipper Magic(Working in Progress)

  • Built an iOS magician assistant app with Storyboard and Swift.
  • Designed and implemented the RestAPI using Django

Snote - Online Markdown Note Application

  • Worked with frontend engineer to design the architecture of the project.
  • Designed and implemented the RestAPI using Spring Boot.
  • Implemented pipeline with Docker and GitLab CI to continueously build and deploy the project on to AWS.


  • Built web backend of the management system for self-checkout app “EKEBlock” based on Laravel.
  • Optimized SQL database queries of the web backend, improved performance by 50%.
  • Used JavaScript to improve Wechat Applet “EKEBlock”, enhanced user experience.

Distributed Crawler System

  • Collaborated with team members to design and build a distributed crawler system in Python.
  • Utilized message queue provided by Celery and RabbitMQ to achieve parallel and asynchronous crawling.
  • Developed the web interface of the crawler system based on Flask, HTML and jQuery.
  • Optimized the crawler system to run in a Docker Swarm cluster for distributed deployment.
  • Awarded Second Prize(top 20%) in “China Software Cup” Software Design Competition.

High Concurrent Railway Booking System

  • Collaborated to design a Railway Booking System with producer and consumer that handles high concurrent requests.
  • Developed the system based on Spring Boot, used ActiveMQ to queue requests.
  • Utilized pessimistic and optimistic lock to achieve locking on Oracle DB, then analyzed their performance.
  • Used Maven to manage dependencies and build the project.
  • Deployed the system using nginx and Docker and Jenkins to achieve load balancing and continuous integration.


  • Maintained a Wechat Miniprogram to help student query exam scores.